A VBF funded project Acting and Personal Development I am intensely interested in the interface between the training of actors and personal development. Actors are one of the few groups of people for whom the taking of emotional risks is part of the job description. Some of the methods used to support the development of acting skills have profound implications for the development of emotional skills in the rest of us. I have been associated with the personal development/acting workshop "The Mastery" (which I now co-lead) for more than 20 years . I hold the Diploma of Leadership and Creativity of the Institute of Creativity, the body which has overseen the Mastery and allied workshops. I am still actively exploring ways in which performance training can contribute to personal development. Some of these techniques are already used in my workshop "Selves in Action". Personal Development Counselling and Mentoring The Way I Work Acting and Personal Development The Psychology of Work Publications Personal Development CV Workshops Home | Personal Development | Acting and Personal Development Personal Development Site under development… Acting and Personal Development