A VBF funded project Counselling and Mentoring About Counselling Talking about your problems in confidence with a trained listener who has nothing to with the rest of your life can help you to: Clarify your thoughts and feelings in a way which enables you to move forward and make changes in your life. Feel heard and understood by another human being. Understand and express feelings which might feel difficult or uncomfortable in your day-to-day relationships. Recognise old coping strategies and skills which were necessary to you in the past but which may not be helping in your current circumstances. Understand what you have to contribute to the different intimate, working and domestic relationships in your life, and also the unconscious ways in which you might sabotage these relationships. Understand and appreciate your own unique value as a human being. Take an active part in becoming the person you really want to be. Personal Development Counselling and Mentoring The Way I Work Acting and Personal Development The Psychology of Work Publications Personal Development CV Workshops Home | Personal Development | Counselling and Mentoring Personal Development Site under development… About Mentoring Mentoring (as I use the term) is a slightly different way of working which has more of a teaching element in it. Mentoring involves a more active exploration of your journey as a human soul using a number of techniques such as visualisation, journal keeping and creative work. This can be a challenging way of finding meaning and purpose in life and then working towards specific goals. It embraces the concept of emotional literacy and looks at, in an active way, the ways in which your unconscious programming stops you reaching your full potential. As with counselling, mentoring also provides the emotional support necessary for the exploration and healing of the blocks - those areas of yourself which may have been wounded in the past and which may be preventing you from having choices about how you are, how you relate and how you experience your life. Mentoring can be particularly suitable for those whose life and/or career appears to have lost meaning or, alternatively, those in training as counsellors, psychotherapists or any profession needing emotional literacy, leadership and an understanding of the workings of the human psyche. Counselling and Mentoring