A VBF funded project The Psychology of Work One area of particular interest has been the psychology of work. In our western culture, the last decade has seen a dramatic increase in the number of people who are unhappy in their work. Nowadays work often involves high pressures, long hours, a lack of integrity and a workplace culture that treats people as things to be exploited and manipulated. In turn, these pressures have resulted in a loss of meaning, even in those areas of work that have traditionally had a strong vocational commitment. Although much needs to change in the outer world of management and organisational culture, much of how we react to the problems and pressures of work depends on how skilled we are at bringing our whole self into the workplace. I am also looking at ways of making the counselling and psychotherapy process more available to us men who, in this culture are often disadvantaged by our lack of emotional skills. A dissertation written in 2000 on meaning at work "My Cup Is Half Full" is downloadable here (PDF file 700K). Personal Development Counselling and Mentoring The Way I Work Acting and Personal Development The Psychology of Work Publications Personal Development CV Workshops Home | Personal Development | The Psychology of Work Personal Development Site under development… The Psychology of Work