A VBF funded project Personal Development Publications Here are a number of articles/essays/notes/reflections on topics I have found useful. Dark and Bright Shadow (1999) originated as an essay for my counselling training -- it is an insight into the fact that our shadow, the bit of ourselves we don't know about, contains treasure as well as the bits we'd rather not look at. This is a link rather than a download. The Programs That Run Us (.pdf file 12K) and The Needs Which Change and the Needs Which Don't (.pdf file 31K) are short articles written for the Mastery newsletter in 2001. Parenting and Leadership (.pdf file 40K) is an essay originating from the Institute for Creativity One-Year Leadership Programme. This essay examines the relationship between parenting and workshop leadership. Concepts and Tools for Working with Ourselves (.pdf file 16K) and Notes on Subpersonalities (.pdf file 23K) were originally supplied as support materials for the workshop Meeting the Different Parts of Ourselves but they also stand alone. Meeting the Different Parts of Ourselves -- Workshop Report (.pdf file 30K) is a short article written after the first run of the above workshop which gives some idea of what went on. My Cup Is Half Full (.pdf file 700K) is a roughly 26,000 word dissertation on the role of meaning at work. How we establish meaning, how it might get taken away or lost, the personal work we can do to achieve meaning in our work and the organizational strategies that might support this. Personal Development Counselling and Mentoring The Way I Work Acting and Personal Development The Psychology of Work Publications Personal Development CV Workshops Home | Personal Development | Publications Personal Development Site under development… Publications