A VBF funded project The Way I Work The way I work assumes that much of what we think, feel and do is influenced by the unconscious programming and survival strategies that we have developed in order to cope with the particular circumstances of our own lives and upbringing. This has given us some useful skills, but most of the time this is operating at an unconscious level. We mostly run on automatic pilot without any choice as to how to respond to the things that happen in our lives. A large part of both the counselling and mentoring process is designed to support your exploration of your own particular automatic reactions and in doing so to acquire skills of awareness and self support. These skills will give you more choices in how you react to outside circumstances and how you relate to others. It is my belief that people already have the potential to engage with and solve their personal issues and to live lives which are satisfactory to them. The work I do is designed to clarify and evoke that potential. Both counselling and mentoring are active relationships which demand work and commitment on both sides. As a counsellor or mentor, I will not tell you what to do but instead will act to both support and challenge. In doing this, I will try to provide a safe space for you to discover and engage with the processes of change that are right for you as a unique human being. One way of looking at this is to see yourself as the explorer and the counsellor as a guide. Psychosynthesis, the main orientation of my training, recognises that apart from thoughts and feelings, there is a spiritual dimension to our lives and this is recognised in the work. Imagework and Voice Dialogue are particular techniques which I use to support the exploration of unconscious material in a safe way. Once some facilitated work has been done with these techniques, it becomes possible to do similar work alone so that these become useful self-help strategies. Click below for more information... Imagework Voice Dialogue Personal Development Counselling and Mentoring The Way I Work Acting and Personal Development The Psychology of Work Publications Personal Development CV Workshops Home | Personal Development | The Way I Work Personal Development Site under development… The Way I Work