A VBF funded project Home | People & Technology | Digital Images and Patient Confidentiality Site under development… People & Technology Instructional Design Using Digital Images Patient Confidentiality Products  learning packages Products  Reports and Reviews E-Learning CV Associated Consultants E-Learning Links People & Technology Digital Images and Patient Confidentiality In medical and, increasingly in veterinary education, the ability to store and transmit pictures and moving images across digital networks has become a two edged sword. Any identifiable picture of a patient taken in hospital (or indeed someone’s pet valuable racehorse) and subsequently published on a teaching network represents a breach of confidentiality unless this is properly negotiated. This consultancy has been involved in the development of proper systems which balance patient confidentiality with the provision of high quality teaching material for over four years. One result of this collaboration with the Joint Information Systems Committee in UK higher education has been the production of an online resource for the Ethical Handling of Sensitive Clinical Images for Teaching and Learning – known as Infokit. Patient Confidentiality