A VBF funded project Home | People & Technology | E-Learning Links Site under development… People & Technology Instructional Design Using Digital Images Patient Confidentiality Products  learning packages Products  Reports and Reviews E-Learning CV Associated Consultants E-Learning Links People & Technology E-Learning Links Caveat: This is a highly selective list and reflects the interests of the author. It is in no way comprehensive. Organisations The Joint Information Systems Committee (JISC) is the government sponsored organisation which supports and coordinates information and communications technology (ICT) in UK higher and further education. It is funded by the higher education funding councils, sponsors wide-ranging research and the provision of infrastructure. The Institute for Learning and Research Technology (ILRT) is one of the largest university- based organisations for the support and development of ICT in UK higher education. It has a wide range of research, developmental and staff support activities. The Royal Veterinary College E-Media Unit This unit supports and develops undergraduate and postgraduate veterinary education using appropriate technology and the power of networks. Image related links JISC Digital Media is possibly the most useful site on the Web for those concerned with producing, organising, manipulating and storing digital images for use in teaching. I cannot recommend it highly enough. Pharmaceutical Industry CRA training Clinical Research Training Online is an online training system for Clinical Research Associates (CRA's) who are key figures in the overseeing of drug development. The reason I recommend this particular training out of many is because I have worked with one of its sponsors and I know his standards to be high. …More links will be added over time. E-Learning Links