A VBF funded project Home | People & Technology Site under development… People & Technology Instructional Design Using Digital Images Patient Confidentiality Products  learning packages Products  Reports and Reviews E-Learning CV Associated Consultants E-Learning Links People & Technology People and Technology One of my main careers in the past has been as a pathologist and teacher at two of the UK veterinary schools. Out of this emerged an exploration of the use of computers and other technology to teach veterinary and medical students. Having led a team which developed E-learning in The University of Bristol (and in medical education nationally) in the late 80s and early 90s, I developed a consultancy in instructional design in the second half of the 90s. More recently, this experience has been utilised in a number of different and interesting directions which include: the management of teaching image collections the use of digital images in teaching and learning website design website evaluation issues surrounding patient confidentiality when patient images are used for teaching. All of these seem to be about the interaction between the users and the technology– hence the description “People and Technology” Please click on the buttons on the left to explore further… People & Technology