A VBF funded project Home | People & Technology | Products II – Reports Surveys and Seminars Site under development… People & Technology Instructional Design Using Digital Images Patient Confidentiality Products  learning packages Products  Reports and Reviews E-Learning CV Associated Consultants E-Learning Links People & Technology Products II – Reports, Reviews, Seminars and Web- Based Resources This consultancy has acted in an advisory capacity to the E-Media Unit of the Royal Veterinary College (London UK) and to the Centre for Medical Education in Bristol. Reports and reviews include: The RVC Digital Image Collection (including surveys of staff image use and other relevant collections) The Metadata Implications of Image Collections Using Digital Images in Teaching and Learning (Seminar) Advice on copyright, confidentiality and consent. The Ethical Handling of Sensitive Clinical Images (Authored with Prof Bradfield) Consumer Research on the Education Sector of the RVC Website Cherri II – feasibility study on the recommendations of a reporton the implications of the use of sensitive clinical images in teaching (Unpublished). Online resource  Infokit – an online information resource for the ethical handling of sensitive clinical images in teaching and learning (developed in collaboration with Prof J Bradfield and Dr J Williams) Website Reviews RVC website – Educational sector (using focus groups) RVC website – Clinical Services (using structured interviews) Veterinary Benevolent Fund – VetLife (using focus groups) Style guides Website reviews have included comprehensive style guides for the submission of material by academic and administrative staff. Example style guide Website review instrument Developed for consistent scoring of websites in five dimensions: Ease of Location Design and Appearance Structure and Navigation Page Copy Added Value Products  Reports and Reviews