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The Mastery - how they rated the leaders

Very expertly led. Safe boundaries were always maintained and although difficult areas were addressed, at no time did they become obtrusive and invasive.
Sue Stobbs -- Office Manager

Very highly -- and I thought you complemented each other well. At times I felt frustrated at not feeling properly heard -- but I felt able to express this and my complaint was subsequently heard and acknowledged.
David Alexander -- Consultant

Excellent. Clear trust between both leaders.
Kirsty Alexander -- Medical Doctor

BRILLIANT! And I really, really mean that. Ranjit and Adrian worked so well together; they have distinctly different styles and these complemented each other.
Janet Wood -- Former Lecturer in Education

110% -- Ranjit's sensitivity and intuition verges on mind reading!
John Treble -- Company Director

Five stars for each of:
• sympathetic              
• professional            
• insightful     
• giving 

      John Bradfield -- Retired Professor

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Updated 03/03/2014