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It was good to have a chance (and an excuse) to drop my guard, open up to others and trust strangers with half-formed thoughts and private feelings. And be reminded how easily we can help, support and affirm each other -- and how important this is. …it was time and money well spent.
David Alexander -- Consultant

Speaking to people (more than one-on-one) is hugely scary for me -- one of my biggest issues is to be able to be emotionally vulnerable in front of people and for it to be okay was a very new feeling for me. It was an immense relief to let go on that deep level in public for the first time, especially after pretending I'm okay for my whole life.
Melanie Gabriel -- Singer

Hugely enriched by the other people… An amazing opportunity to see me through other people's eyes.
John Bradfield -- Retired Professor

In some inexplicable way I am more sure of myself, perhaps trust myself more, as I've been backed up by all the wonderful feedback from the group, both written and experienced in relationship.
Laura Percival -- Volunteer Worker

I have got back in touch with my joie de vivre and regained lots of energy...
Janet Wood -- Former Lecturer inEducation

It has changed my relationship to anger for the better, in particular -- both expressing and receiving.
John Treble -- Company Director

I came on this course with very few expectations. Little did I realise just how differently I would feel after spending three days with complete strangers. I feel happy that I have made people smile and feel happy because I had received back from them their hearts and love.
Sue Stobbs -- Office Manager

Think this is a fantastic workshop. Really like the approach and feel that using performance gives overt opportunity to "play" safely in what could be difficult or painful areas.
Kirsty Alexander -- Medical Doctor

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Updated 03/03/2014