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Selves in Action – How they rated the Leaders

Feedback from 2012/13 (it is our policy when soliciting feedback to check before it is used online and with the option of it being anonymous)

"10/10 both Adrian and Shanti – clarity of rules of conduct, engagement and instructions."
Richard – semi retired academic

"Loving, challenging, spacious, safe, skilful."
Sam Chittenden Workshop leader & Coach

"Adrian and Shanti have a real skill in facilitating a safe environment and supporting participants – a real gift!"
Mark – Chartered Surveyor

"Quite quite excellent. Adrian and Shanti you work together magnificently."
Cath Barton – Writer, Singer and Photographer

"… both Adrian and Shanti provided a safe environment for exploration and trust that I simply cannot rate or measure; it's beyond that. It's like emotionally trying to gauge the size of the universe!"
Tarnjit Kayu Tiyur – Product Owner

"1st class. True professionalism combines expertise, empathy and commitment to the client. Adrian and Shanti are dedicated professionals."
Nick Smith – Lawyer Bristol

"The leadership was a beautiful sensitive balancing act/partnership. From Sam I learnt about the beauty and strength of being a woman exactly as I am. I learnt about courage and integrity. From Adrian I was held by a loving male presence, always making me safe whilst encouraging me to go deeper and really explore my emotional landscape, my life, life. Extraordinary."

"Wise, unobtrusive, safe, trustworthy."

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Updated 03/03/2014