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Selves in Action – How they rated the workshop

Feedback from 2012/13 (it is our policy when soliciting feedback to check before it is used online and with the option of it being anonymous)

I feel more centred and responsible for myself as an adult – I can now hear my "poor little me" childs voice as soon as it starts up!
Liz Court – Freelance Community Development Adviser

"As ever, throughout the weekend, you've shown me again the answer is in myself; it is the family of selves inside me."
Tarnjit Kayu Tiyur – Product Owner

"It was excellent in terms of the time I had for my process. And I also gained from witnessing and participating in the processes of other participants."
Cath Barton – Writer, Singer and Photographer

"Some tools and concepts but most of all feeling emotions raw in the gut but in a safe and controlled environment."
Nick Smith – lawyer Bristol

"… it's opened up doors and possibilities for me – helps me to voice regrets and sadnesses and to turn from shame and criticism to compassion and kindness. Has also helped me to start a reconnection with the playful and mischievous parts of myself. A journey to be continued and enjoyed."

The course was an extraordinarily powerful journey of discovery. Discovery of myself and of our humanity. Held with complete safety by talented caring practitioners.

"I have found a peace and forgiveness that is long overdue. I have been inspired and moved by others' openness."

"Got right down to the abandonment story, and helped me to develop a wider view – untie the knot of shame, loneliness, helplessness and lack of trust, and find a different view. "

I feel that I have shifted from believing that there is something wrong with me, to seeing the usefulness in my different aspects.

… And from previous years…

"Met some lovely people -- gained more understanding around what brought me to where I am at this point in my life -- and I'm just fine with where and who I am. And also extremely proud of all I have accomplished -- I feel very, very, good."

"I was able to look at and more fully understand an aspect of my personality that I had just discovered."

(I gained)"...experientially in the presentation of some of my subpersonalities -- use of cushions was very simple and also very illuminating. Plus the visualisation material. Plus seeing/hearing all the other participants."

"I have gained clarity from a very core place today. I have also created and taken clear structured tools of awareness with regards to recognising new aspects of my subpersonalities -- gaining a vision on how to use them."

"It's helped me understand some of the melee which is inside me, helped me to identify what is going on and given me some tools to continue this process and find a route through."

"It was challenging and fun and left me feeling better about myself."

"Fellowship with other explorers."

"Clear, stuck to contract."

"Feeling very vulnerable, this challenging course was sympathetic to my needs and did not threaten me.

"Exceeded expectations -- and more than met my needs - has helped bring clarity and clear confusion whereas I was only hoping to understand."

"Helped me to experience different aspects of myself and experience having those parts witnessed."

"Intuitive, caring, thoughtful... relaxed!"

"... No other course has allowed me to feel this much permission and opportunity since the Mastery."

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