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If you have done one of the Selves in Action workshops or have been to a talk or a demonstration – here are a number of ways in which you can find out more and/or take things further.

Hints and Tips


Workshop: Selves in Action
A two-day experiential workshop using Voice Dialogue and a number of other techniques including Pesso Boyden which is designed to: understand the psyche in terms of a family of inner Selves, parts or subpersonalities, clarify some of the more important ones, develop an Aware Ego to manage this inner family and heal some of the earlier damage which has resulted in the disowning of significant Selves.

Workshop: Coaching the Selves
A one-day introduction to working with subpersonalities and multiplicity aimed specifically at coaches.
Not currently available please get in touch if interested.

The Voice Dialogue Website
This is the website for Hal and Sidra Stone.
Here you will find everything you could possibly want to know about Voice Dialogue – workshops, publications, articles CDs, MP3s et cetera – really worth a visit.

Pesso Boyden Psychomotor
This is the powerful psychological system for making new memories that is employed on the final day of Selves in Action.



Stone & Winkelman Embracing Our Selves -- the Voice Dialogue Manual
ISBN 1-882591-06-2
Comment: I think this is the best book and this talks about Voice Dialogue in depth.

Stone & Winkelman Embracing Each Other – understanding how Selves operate in relationship –
ISBN 0-931432-60-X

Stone & Stone Embracing Your Inner Critic – does what it says on the tin – ISBN 0-06-250757-5

John Rowan Discover Your Subpersonalities -- Our Inner World and the People in It
ISBN 0-415-07366-9
Comment: The easiest read and covers quite a lot although doesn't introduce the key concept of the Aware Ego -- Note, John Rowan has written another book on subpersonalities which is much more academic so make sure you get the right one!

John Rowan Personification – Using the Dialogical Self in Psychotherapy and Counselling
ISBN: 978-0-415-43346-4
Comment: This is much more about using the concept professionally in support of others. More recent and he has developed his theories.

Rita Carter Multiplicity -- the New Science of Personality
ISBN 978-0-316-73088-4
Comment: tends to be a bit academic but does have a good section on a series of subpersonalities with their attributes -- strengths -- weaknesses -- how you might challenge them.

Jay Early Self-Therapy
ISBN: 13: 978-0-9843927-7-3
Comment: A generally good book which goes into a lot of detail and has some useful techniques –…annoys me however because they are claiming this is a new therapy when in fact it's rebadged Voice Dialogue


Hints and Tips

Here are a series of possibilities to play or to take things further suggested by workshop participants over the years…

"Problems cannot be solved with the same kind of intelligence which created them."