About the Mastery

This powerful workshop has been running worldwide for more than 40 years.

Thousands of people have experienced this life changing weekend. It is a course in creative self-expression that puts you in touch with who you really are and what you really want.

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About Selves in Action

Based on the concept that we can think, act and feel like different people at different times, this two day experiential workshop uses visualisation and powerful facilitation techniques developed from the training of actors to explore the different "bits".

Understanding about how these various subpersonalities operate gives us a chance to stand back and inhabit a space from which we can take control rather than allowing these various different parts of ourselves to run us.



Mastery follow-up workshop 'The Space'

A workshop exclusively for Mastery Graduates – this is the next step – allowing you to revisit the energy of the Mastery but also to step behind the scenes and develop the ability to support fellow participants in that scary place in front of the room.

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Updated 10/03/2024

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Here and Now Workshops

"... empowering ordinary people to live extraordinary lives"

The chief characteristic of great actors is that they are willing to be in the moment. To risk telling the truth, to find the role in themselves.

The art of being present to what is, being able to access and express genuine feelings across a wide spectrum and to come into relationship with an audience at this deep level is a skill set which all actors have to learn.

What this means is that much of good acting training is a training in emotional intelligence.

This can be immensely valuable for the rest of us. Being in the moment, being able to express feelings under control without abusing another human being, understanding that vulnerability is openness not weakness are all life skills available to everyone.

Here and now workshops exploit this rich opportunity -- using processes derived from the training of actors as well as more mainstream personal development to empower ordinary people to live extraordinary lives.


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